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Friday, March 8, 2013

New Kicks!

I'm  sure y'all get the same scenario thrown at you: "ask Ryan about running shoes...he's a runner."

Just cuz I run "a little" doesn't mean I know everything about running or running equipment, ie: shoes.

Three years with the Kswiss team really spoiled me, "oh look a scuff on my shoes...I think I'll open a new pair today."  Plus, it really dumbed down my running shoe technical knowledge because I was not investing thought, or $, on new shoes every six weeks.

When that deal was done I went back to wearing Newtons.  It was sexy.  Back to flash colors, great ventilation, light, leading edge of running innovation; sadly they keep aggravating a nerve/neuroma on my 4th metatarsal making it nearly impossible to continue running.  I had a lump the  size of a golf ball on my foot just before Challenge Roth that had me in the "day to day" category.  I love ya Newtons, but I just can't do it anymore.

Now comes the problem.  One would think living in Italy, the "fashion" capital of the world, I would be inundated with footwear options.  Yes the Italians run, quite quickly in fact; but, it seems,  they all run in Adidas and the stores don't carry size 15, or 50 in euro.

I have used the Zappos' option where I order $700 worth of different shoes all in the same size and then return $550 of shoes a week later (thanks for free shipping to FPO address btw Zappos).  That yielded me using Saucony Kinvara 3... me likey!! they are light, padded, and fast.  Good price too!  Liking the Kinvara 3's, I found some markdown Kinvara 2's for a price to not be missed.  Total Shit!  What a difference between two models of shoe.  Kinvara 2 = shit, Kinvara 3 is a great shoe with some durability issues compared to coming off over 500miles per pair in Newtons. 

Still Looking...

Now I've just tried the Asics Gel DS Trainer 18. 
Other than looking like giant bees attached to my feet, I like them.  They are a little bit heavier (11oz) than I have been running in for the past years (9oz) and they have a little more lift than the 2-4mm drop, but I'll mark that down to extra padding and injury prevention for an aging athlete :)  I have a few more runs in these before I decide between these and the Kinvara 3 for the Rome Marathon next week.  One problem with running in these urban marathons (Florence, Napoli, and Roma) is the amount of cobblestones run on; it is akin to running on solid steel or concrete.  ZERO GIVE!  I was sore for 4 days after Napoli Marathon and it's 32km of cobbled roads...ouch.  This big fella needs some padding.  Asics makes this same shoe in a racer version that is a little lighter and has water draining vents in the soles.  Perfect for Ironman France's heat and my propensity to dump water over my head whilst running.  Soft squishy shoes for training and light vented shoe for racing...I'll keep you updated.

Up next: My favorite treadmill runs


TheClydesdaleTrot said...

Hey, you moved there, quit bitching about the roads.



When in Rome do as the Romans (you are close enough)

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