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Friday, October 12, 2012

Kona Pics 2012

Being that I'm not racing Ironman World Championship 2012 I find it acceptable to make predictions...usually I refrain because I'm gunning for #1.

Because this is Travis' idea I'm going to follow his suggestions of making picks:

1.  Top 5 in the mens race
2.  Top 5 in the womens race
3.  First out of the water (male and female)
4.  First off the bike (m/f)
5.  Fastest marathon split (m/f)
6.  Fastest bike split (m/f)
7.  Top American across the line (m/f)

The men's race:
Top 5:
1.Pete Jacobs
2.Chris McCormack
3.Craig Alexander
4.Marino Vanhoenacker
5.Andreas Raelert

First out of the water.
 Andy Potts
First off the bike.
 Marino Van Hoenacker
Fastest bike.
 Sebastian Kienle
Fastest marathon.
 Pete Jacobs
First American.
Jordan Rapp

The Women's Race:  Finally the women will be having their own start 5 minutes behind the men and 25 minutes ahead of the age groupers, allowing them to form their own packs and chase packs in the swim and bike...good stuff!

Top 5:
1.Leanda Cave
2.Mary Beth Ellis
3.Caroline Steffan
4.Rachael Joyce
5.Kelly Williamson

First out of the water.
Meredith Kessler
First off the bike.
 Caroline Steffan
Fastest bike split.
 Caroline Steffan
Fastest run.
 Cait Snow
First American
MaryBeth Ellis

Good luck to all involved...Aloha and Mahalo