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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bad Clothing Choice...Napoli Maratona

I think I was texting, "opps, I'm wearing too much!"

Norwegians have a saying: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.

The night before the Napoli marathon I set out my running attire, shorts, base layer undershirt, a running singlet, socks, and fuelbelt.  Weather called for low 40's start, mid 40's finish but windy, and sunny.  Race morning I go outside for a weather check and see that my deck has frosted over, I can see my breath, the temp is 38 with a windchill of 32...Wardrobe Change!  I go total Euro over dressed man.  Running tights, long sleeve UA insulated base layer, and a t shirt, gloves.  Only thing missing was a man-purse and a scarf. 

I meet up with some friends at the start that are wearing shorts and their legs are a little blue and covered in goose bumps...right choice so far!  I go for my warm up run and turn the corner along the waterfront, the blast of cold wind hits me "confirming" I made the right call.  Until, I turn around and now the wind is at my back and the sun is starting to rise from behind Vesuvius; I quickly start to heat up but it's ten minutes to the start and I will never get to my car in time to change.  Yikes!

At 6km my gloves were off and I was starting to feel warm.  At the 21k point I was already sweating enough to see salt lines on my tights.  30k my HR spikes from dehydration.  32k I stop and drink an entire bottle of water and grab another.  Around 36k there was a 1k downhill section; I stopped at the top of the hill to stretch my very tight hamstrings just beginning to tingle with cramps.  38.5k...CRAMP...every muscle in the back of my legs.  Stretch.  Tried to run again but the first step...CRAMP.  Ok so I guess we are walking now!  I could almost see the finish line less than 2 miles away and yet I couldn't run.  At the 40k sign I was able to manage a shuffle for the final 2 miles.
                                                       Distance          Time            Avg Pace       Avg Speed   Total Ascent                 Avg HR           Max HR

It was intended to be "just" a long training run and that is where the trouble began; I didn't want to be cold during my long run. I was shooting for a 3:10 and was on pace until trouble started hitting.  I had 2 minutes "banked" time so I thought i would still hit the 3:10; but, sadly there is no such thing as banked time in a marathon and as I was walking I saw my time pass. 3:15 is a decent run with that many hills and at my fitness level etc.  I'm sure my winter fat doesn't help??

That is what overdressing in a marathon looks to fight another day!  

Result of a sock failure

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Morgante had his pants much for modesty!

 What?  A travel blog?  I'm creating some diversification in my audience.  It is tough having my main readership 24-40 year old hot women that purely sexualize me...hey! I'm more than a pretty face and a hot body!!!!

This past MLK weekend the Commander, the kid, and I each packed a backpack and headed to Firenze at 300kph (180mph) on Italy's bullet train, the Frecciarosa.  First though, you have to deal with Napoli's chaotic nature.

Although fairly empty in this picture, the Napoli train station is one of the high crime spots in the city.  Crooked taxi drivers, pick pocketing gypsies, guys trying to "help" with your bag, directions, info, etc. Be alert!

 This kid is all the Commander...except for the demented sense of humor.

 Trying to get a 10 year old, that self admittedly "hates" history, interested in being in the center of the artistic renaissance is a bit tough. I tried to be creative and talk about seeing the differences in eye design, or color use, or finding the story in each painting... we went with counting marble penis'. (the plural of penis should be penes but how many times do you ever get to use s')
She enjoyed how the Birth of Venus was being modest by only exposing one nipple.

 An interesting take on the "sideways mohawk."

Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizi.


   Meet Morgante!

 Supposedly a jester for the Medici family; posed for this fully nude.  It was just restored to it's original design and put back into display after some vine covered pants that were painted on him a hundred years later have been removed.  Apparently the pope at the time wasn't fond of naked dwarf jesters?

Santa Croce:
Galileo, Dante, and Michelangelo's tombs.

It's been 10 years since we were last in one of the best hidden restaurants in Firenze: Bordinos, home of the Florentine Steak

 Pontevecchio is lined with gold vendors

 The city's "skyline" is dominated by the enormous Duomo (cathedral)

 "Chukkin' the duece"

Ecce Homo...trying to tell me something?

How can you tell you have been in Italy a while?  When you walk past a Mexican restaurant and get excited...Best margarita I've had since leaving the US (ok only one but it was still good for Euro Mex)

Sorry no pics from the sunrise runs along the Arno river...but there is gps data.


Friday, January 18, 2013


Americans have that pioneer spirit, which means we like to drive. We don't want to be restricted on where and when we can travel somewhere. Thanks to Henry Ford we don't need to be tied to some lame ass public bus or train; but, If that train does 180 mph then it becomes pretty badass! A 4 1/2 hour drive suddenly becomes a two hour and 45 minute train ride, and there's no parking stress. Here's a few pics of the trip so far this is my first mobile blogging. I had better get used to using it if I'm considering myself back to blogging.

Monday, January 14, 2013


The numbers:

100.5 miles run using a GPS watch and a heart rate monitor.
13hour 24 minutes
12 runs over 7 days
15miles longest
3 miles shortest
~8min/mile pace
6:05 m/mile fastest
16:22 m/mi slowest
129bpm avg HR
170bpm max
@215 lbs
17,023 calories burned
170 calories per mile
4.86lbs of calories burned
.04lbs per mile

If we were able to consume gasoline and convert that energy into a usable fuel for our bodies it would translate into roughly 31,500 calories.  Using that as a guide it appears for being as big as I am, I'm pretty fuel efficient at just under 200miles per gallon.  Typing one handed keeps me "short winded," but considering there just as many calories in a gallon of vegetable oil as there is in gasoline; and, vegetable oil can be metabolized in our fuel of the future???  Ironman World Championship sponsored by Crisco, the official racing fuel of champion athletes.

Back to the bike...errrr... bike trainer for at least 5 more weeks

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

swimming, not the only reason i need waterproof casting

I haven't swam this year because i am a dipshit and broke my arm snowboarding on the Stelvia whilst in Bormio over new year's. 


old cast

There is such a thing as waterproof cast padding that goes inside the cast vs, using cotton that fully drains and the cast dries within about an hour.  This makes swimming possible!!!  Difficult but possible.  I broke my radius and although i only need a short arm cast it has to be positioned to minimize rotation ultimately altering my swim stroke; at least I can swim.

Now why you as an endurance athlete should get waterproof cast padding even if you don't intend on swimming.  It seems that wearing a traditional cotton cast pad and running a 100 mile week doesn't really do good things to your skin.

Got Maceration? 

I did!

Nothing says lovin' like supersaturated skin about to rot...

I did my best with spraying with alcohol and drying with a hair dryer but it just wasn't enough.

Next time you break something make sure to get waterproof cast padding!

Now onto the 100 mile week.

new cast waterproof and glows in dark
typing with a broken arm is not that easy so without going all blah blah blah on the methodology and physiological adaptation etc etc etc, look into Arthur Lydiard's philosopy of run training and you'll see where the idea of the 100 mile week comes from.  I have finished day 3, I have 6 runs logged for 44 miles.  I have a longish (13 miler with the last 5 miles fairly hard  broken into a Team tbb "fartlek" session.  a run some fast 1k repeats, some very very easy runs, I still have an overdistance 2 1/2 hours, hills on the treadmill, and then just easy miles to fill the gaps.

Want to become a strong long distance runner?  Run LOTS!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The non RESOLUTION resolution

first, i have a broken arm so there will be minimal capitalization...

Once upon a time there was a mysterious world of internet blogs; until, the big bad facebook came along and slowly eradicated the blog world.  much like mad max there are a few survivors hanging on...i am them.  fb kinda sucks.  its good for one liners and nude pics but it is very impersonal.  i don't really have 3800 friends so its understanable that with most of them i block their updates.

i like the blog.  its personal.  its ludicrous.  its whatever i want it to be.  i remember being nervous the first entry i made.  it has gone from winning a half ironman, shitting (more sharting really) myself in an ironman. bike splits. swim sessions. ironman hawaii. being recognised getting on planes to trail running in minnesota. run repeats. highs. lows. gay bath houses. travdelling. leg shaving. moving. kids.peeing myself @ sub 7 minute miles in ironman utah chasing down 1st place. deployments...its pretty much a looney unwatchsble movie that i call my life.

the non resolution resolution?

twice a week entries.

this is the perfect opportunity to return to whatever this is

early goals for year (triathlon), lose 15lbs to get race weight, get close to 3 hour marathon in ironman france, WIN ELBAMAN!  first i need to get fixed

 Happy New Year from Italia!!

ps: the bloglist on the right will soon be updated, if you want to be added/deleted let me know

up next: 100 mile run week