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Monday, March 18, 2013

Maratona di Roma...tale of a Gladatorial Slaughter

 The Colosseum, or Flavian Amphitheater, was the site of my latest attempt to impress myself in one of my stupid human tricks.

Maratona di Roma was not a high priority event; but, a must do attraction while living two hours south of Rome.  I came into this event with some decent running miles, bike power (on trainer) intervals; and, a 36k swim over 2 days just days before running a marathon.  It is safe to say doing 1656 flip turns (pushing off the wall with quads) a few days before running a marathon and not expecting some residual fatigue may have been a slight oversight.

I started almost in the back of the 20,000 person crowd.  I wasn't seeded by time in the placement of the group, which turns out to be a pain in the ass if you intend to run a little quickly.  Ironman running off the bike is MUCH LESS crowed at the start!  My first and second 5k's were my slowest at 24:26 and 24:20.

There was absolutely nowhere to go!  I bounced up on curbs, behind dumpsters, around parked cars, but in the end I realized I was just wasting energy and not making any real progress.  The roads finally started opening up around 12k.  I am always amazed at running races how the 5foot 250lb man is able to be that far ahead of me at 15k into a marathon...or even 30k????

I was well off the pace hitting the half in 1:37 but the third 5 k came right in on pace at 22:10, I blame the traffic. I was ready to fight.  I was in total, "I AM THE AMERICAN GLADIATOR!" mode and I am here to kick some ass.  Bring on the km's.  Stay strong. Get back on pace and wait for your race plan to begin.

 30k.  19 miles.  That's the go point.  In Ironman if you can hold, or better yet accelerate, and make your last 10k the win...or almost.  That was the plan, hit it at 30.  At km 29 I take calories, water, and take inventory on my body.  Legs feel good.  Upper body loose.  HR right where it should be, and I'm ready to add a few BPM's.  Everything checks out. To me, the is Emporer giving me the thumbs up to, "HIT IT!"  The next 5k from 30-35 was right on 22,  and it even included some hills and bridges. Then,

Right on the 37km mark,  with 3.1miles left...

American Gladiator ended.  Fatigue won.  I slammed a Double Latte Powergel, said every mantra I knew, and counted km's to the finish all while playing the I promise to walk at the next km sign game.  My mind won, no walking, no quitting, no whining.  The final 5k was almost equal to my first 5k at 24:31  I finished 26.75miles (all 6 of my GPS wearing friends got 26.7 - 26.8miles because the course was rerouted around the Vatican because something about some new guy in town...pope) I'm pretty sure my time was 3:15 with an actual 26.2 marathon time via GPS right around 3:11:30...whatever.  Big bike rides start back this week with no cast, first ride on the road since 2 days after Xmas!!!!! 

Veni, Vidi, Vici in Roma...almost!



You are still my hero
And you passed the 5' Luigi... even better..

Carolina John said...

cool man, good job out there!

Kevin said...

Great job.