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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bad Clothing Choice...Napoli Maratona

I think I was texting, "opps, I'm wearing too much!"

Norwegians have a saying: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.

The night before the Napoli marathon I set out my running attire, shorts, base layer undershirt, a running singlet, socks, and fuelbelt.  Weather called for low 40's start, mid 40's finish but windy, and sunny.  Race morning I go outside for a weather check and see that my deck has frosted over, I can see my breath, the temp is 38 with a windchill of 32...Wardrobe Change!  I go total Euro over dressed man.  Running tights, long sleeve UA insulated base layer, and a t shirt, gloves.  Only thing missing was a man-purse and a scarf. 

I meet up with some friends at the start that are wearing shorts and their legs are a little blue and covered in goose bumps...right choice so far!  I go for my warm up run and turn the corner along the waterfront, the blast of cold wind hits me "confirming" I made the right call.  Until, I turn around and now the wind is at my back and the sun is starting to rise from behind Vesuvius; I quickly start to heat up but it's ten minutes to the start and I will never get to my car in time to change.  Yikes!

At 6km my gloves were off and I was starting to feel warm.  At the 21k point I was already sweating enough to see salt lines on my tights.  30k my HR spikes from dehydration.  32k I stop and drink an entire bottle of water and grab another.  Around 36k there was a 1k downhill section; I stopped at the top of the hill to stretch my very tight hamstrings just beginning to tingle with cramps.  38.5k...CRAMP...every muscle in the back of my legs.  Stretch.  Tried to run again but the first step...CRAMP.  Ok so I guess we are walking now!  I could almost see the finish line less than 2 miles away and yet I couldn't run.  At the 40k sign I was able to manage a shuffle for the final 2 miles.
                                                       Distance          Time            Avg Pace       Avg Speed   Total Ascent                 Avg HR           Max HR

It was intended to be "just" a long training run and that is where the trouble began; I didn't want to be cold during my long run. I was shooting for a 3:10 and was on pace until trouble started hitting.  I had 2 minutes "banked" time so I thought i would still hit the 3:10; but, sadly there is no such thing as banked time in a marathon and as I was walking I saw my time pass. 3:15 is a decent run with that many hills and at my fitness level etc.  I'm sure my winter fat doesn't help??

That is what overdressing in a marathon looks to fight another day!  

Result of a sock failure


Unknown said...

The wind would have thrown me off. I tend to overdress when it's cold simply how I feel when I step out of the door. :(

That blister looks wicked. Yikes..

terrie said...

Awesome finish time! Congrats.!

Brett Miller said...

I have the same problem with rides out here right now. Love the honesty, and detailed progression of what happens.


You are OK
I figure you had 10 pounds of clothes on so you raced at what? with the clothes on 230..... 235? :0 You're right on track for a great France

Carolina John said...

You still pulled a great time in the end and it puts you on a fast track to France. Good job!

Kevin said...

Ouch. That looks like it hurts. Great job even if you were overdressed

asdasd said...