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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

swimming, not the only reason i need waterproof casting

I haven't swam this year because i am a dipshit and broke my arm snowboarding on the Stelvia whilst in Bormio over new year's. 


old cast

There is such a thing as waterproof cast padding that goes inside the cast vs, using cotton that fully drains and the cast dries within about an hour.  This makes swimming possible!!!  Difficult but possible.  I broke my radius and although i only need a short arm cast it has to be positioned to minimize rotation ultimately altering my swim stroke; at least I can swim.

Now why you as an endurance athlete should get waterproof cast padding even if you don't intend on swimming.  It seems that wearing a traditional cotton cast pad and running a 100 mile week doesn't really do good things to your skin.

Got Maceration? 

I did!

Nothing says lovin' like supersaturated skin about to rot...

I did my best with spraying with alcohol and drying with a hair dryer but it just wasn't enough.

Next time you break something make sure to get waterproof cast padding!

Now onto the 100 mile week.

new cast waterproof and glows in dark
typing with a broken arm is not that easy so without going all blah blah blah on the methodology and physiological adaptation etc etc etc, look into Arthur Lydiard's philosopy of run training and you'll see where the idea of the 100 mile week comes from.  I have finished day 3, I have 6 runs logged for 44 miles.  I have a longish (13 miler with the last 5 miles fairly hard  broken into a Team tbb "fartlek" session.  a run some fast 1k repeats, some very very easy runs, I still have an overdistance 2 1/2 hours, hills on the treadmill, and then just easy miles to fill the gaps.

Want to become a strong long distance runner?  Run LOTS!


Kevin said...

I am definitely noticing how much my running is improving post injury by running more often. I may be only running base miles, but it definitely is helping


Looks like you are serious about this Ironman stuff, huh?

Colleen said...

I bet that smelled amazing too. :(

Carolina John said...

ugh, that's bad mastication. Looks like you're off to a good start to the 100 mile week! That's totally bananas. I'm all for running long and running lots, but that's pretty extreme.