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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The non RESOLUTION resolution

first, i have a broken arm so there will be minimal capitalization...

Once upon a time there was a mysterious world of internet blogs; until, the big bad facebook came along and slowly eradicated the blog world.  much like mad max there are a few survivors hanging on...i am them.  fb kinda sucks.  its good for one liners and nude pics but it is very impersonal.  i don't really have 3800 friends so its understanable that with most of them i block their updates.

i like the blog.  its personal.  its ludicrous.  its whatever i want it to be.  i remember being nervous the first entry i made.  it has gone from winning a half ironman, shitting (more sharting really) myself in an ironman. bike splits. swim sessions. ironman hawaii. being recognised getting on planes to trail running in minnesota. run repeats. highs. lows. gay bath houses. travdelling. leg shaving. moving. kids.peeing myself @ sub 7 minute miles in ironman utah chasing down 1st place. deployments...its pretty much a looney unwatchsble movie that i call my life.

the non resolution resolution?

twice a week entries.

this is the perfect opportunity to return to whatever this is

early goals for year (triathlon), lose 15lbs to get race weight, get close to 3 hour marathon in ironman france, WIN ELBAMAN!  first i need to get fixed

 Happy New Year from Italia!!

ps: the bloglist on the right will soon be updated, if you want to be added/deleted let me know

up next: 100 mile run week


Keith said...

I am a survivor too! I'm enjoying blogging more and more, and fb less and less. Wishing there was a way I could better tune what it sends me. Too much like work.

Bummer about the arm. Hope you enjoy Italy. I had a cracked right elbow when I was there, made hauling luggage difficult.

And if you were to add me to your blog roll, I'd like that, please and thank you.


I never left blogland and I always wondered how come you don't comment on mine? I know, I know, if you don't blog, you don't read others blogs..... blah blah blah, so what is this all about anyway? Pen pals gone wild?

A lot of people jumped to Word Press, still haven't figured that one out.. so I continue to blog (pen pal) to the 5 people that still follow me.

You were one of my first IM heros so welcome back, son...

Wes said...

Good idea. Might be time to bring sexy back.

Kevin said...

I just updated mine back in October for the first time in like 2 months and am working on a new post right now. Glad to have you back here

Jeff Irvin said...

Welcome back Ryan! Not that I am really "here" all that much either but you know what I mean.

Dude, I pulled a hamstring sitting on my couch reading "100 mile run week" -- have fun with that!

Tyger Lily said...

Dammit!!!! You're pulling me back to the blogger world. Now I'll never get anything done,,,

Carolina John said...

Good! i always hated how FB cut out the blogs. there are some decent remnants, like +1'ing something is basically liking a fb post. So +1 for your return to blogging! Now if you could just get that arm straight. how did you break it anyway?

((my word verification below is sucafb. seems appropriate for a post about how bad fb suca's))

it's all about pace said...

twice a week? ambitious for a non-resoloution...

speedy recoveries with the hand... and bring on the 100 mile week!