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1 year
140.6 miles
8:59:59 OR LESS!
That's the game

Monday, January 14, 2013


The numbers:

100.5 miles run using a GPS watch and a heart rate monitor.
13hour 24 minutes
12 runs over 7 days
15miles longest
3 miles shortest
~8min/mile pace
6:05 m/mile fastest
16:22 m/mi slowest
129bpm avg HR
170bpm max
@215 lbs
17,023 calories burned
170 calories per mile
4.86lbs of calories burned
.04lbs per mile

If we were able to consume gasoline and convert that energy into a usable fuel for our bodies it would translate into roughly 31,500 calories.  Using that as a guide it appears for being as big as I am, I'm pretty fuel efficient at just under 200miles per gallon.  Typing one handed keeps me "short winded," but considering there just as many calories in a gallon of vegetable oil as there is in gasoline; and, vegetable oil can be metabolized in our fuel of the future???  Ironman World Championship sponsored by Crisco, the official racing fuel of champion athletes.

Back to the bike...errrr... bike trainer for at least 5 more weeks


Carolina John said...

that's an insane burn rate! Wow. i only get about 125 calories per mile. Nice week! That's a well executed 100 mile week.


16 minute mile? Did you put that in there for my benefit to make me feel good?

Kevin said...

Dude, you are a macchine