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Friday, January 18, 2013


Americans have that pioneer spirit, which means we like to drive. We don't want to be restricted on where and when we can travel somewhere. Thanks to Henry Ford we don't need to be tied to some lame ass public bus or train; but, If that train does 180 mph then it becomes pretty badass! A 4 1/2 hour drive suddenly becomes a two hour and 45 minute train ride, and there's no parking stress. Here's a few pics of the trip so far this is my first mobile blogging. I had better get used to using it if I'm considering myself back to blogging.



Now all you need is a 180mph Ferrari

Carolina John said...

Nice! They are still talkinga about a high speed rail from Raleigh to DC that would take the 5 hour drive down to a 2 hour train ride. really hope they work that one out. Have fun!

Kevin said...

Enjoy your trip